Speaking of full moon parties, the first thing that comes to mind has to be its birthplace on Ko Pha Ngan. And since full moon is a symbol of SangSom, we want to redefine and turn it into a new phenomenon where art mingles with creativity. Introducing the new look of SangSom, a special limited-edition package designed by internationally recognised Thai artists.


For the inspiration, the full moon is interpreted as ‘The North Full Moon,’ a phenomenon which combines an experience of a party and a museum into one. Set on the surface of the moon with feet planted here on earth, it’s where nocturnal creatures are wide awake and ready to unleash their instincts. The design also gets translated into the “Pah-Ty Collection” fashion which appeals to the lifestyle of young people.

"Wildlife Document-party"

Unleash your spirit animal. Whether you’re a rabbit or a bird, all species are welcome!