Where the Legend Begins

“The quality of Thai liquor must be second to none.”

For Thailand, the year 1977 was a truly significant year in which the quality of Thai liquor ultimately reached the world-class standards. Behind this grand achievement was Thailand’s most renowned master blender Mr. Chula Kanchanakaksha and his firm dedication to create a world-class quality liquor that’s intrinsically Thai. Crafted with the finest Thai herbs and carefully aged in oak casks, the result become known and loved as SangSom.


The name “SangSom,” meaning “moonlight” in Thai, vividly captures a pleasurable drinking experience under the gentle glow of the moon. And, thanks to the unique drinking experience it offers, SangSom stands proud today as the Thai liquor that’s loved the world over.

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The Heart of Craftsmanship in Every Bottle

SangSom is a special 40-degree rum distilled from molasses. After it’s been aged in oak casks for 5-8 years, it’s further blended with a mixture of premium spices and herbs. This is why SangSom comes with a smooth, mellow note and a unique taste and aroma that’s distinctively its own.


of Taste

“With a strong passion for success, Thais are second to none in the world.”
From the master blender’s unyielding dedication to create a world-class Thai liquor comes SangSom, a true-blue Thai rum that has now and again proven itself with three gold medals from international liquor competitions. Known amongst rum lovers worldwide as “SangSom Gold Medals,” SangSom is indeed a master blender’s pride and joy.






“With a strong passion for success, Thais are second to none in the world.”

The gold medals are a testament to the master blender’s unrivalled talent which has led SangSom to believe in the motto “With a strong passion for success, Thais are second to none in the world.” With this in mind, we take pride in our commitment to create the brand that supports and inspires Thai people to believe in their potential.

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The Bonding Bucket Phenomenon

Originated at the world-famous Ko Pha Ngan’s Full Moon Party, ‘SangSom Bucket’ was born purely out of convenience before gaining a well-deserved popularity at festivals and parties everywhere. Apart from the universal all-in-one appeal, ‘SangSom Bucket’ is easy to whip up, which means more time will be spent on bonding with your buddies as well as having a good time.

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